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Back from a brilliant week on Jersey, in the Channel Islands, with the second-year Marine Geography students. After an island reconnoitre last Sunday, we spent Monday walking beaches; Tuesday in the Jersey Museum and Maritime Museum (with market-stall lunch at the Central Market in St Helier); Wednesday with officials from the States of Jersey Department of the Environment, and hiking around on the island’s north coast near Sorel Point, with a peer down into the Ronez quarry; and Thursday taking a closer look at seawalls and pocket-beach features at Gorey and Portelet (and sampling the ice-cream provisions at St Catherine’s). Friday’s itinerary was a whirlwind, including visits to the States of Jersey Transport & Technical Services Department and the Jersey MET office before we zipped back to the wharf in time for the 17:30 return ferry to Poole.

For those who are interested, check out the archival photo collection maintained by the Société Jersiaise. Images from the 1840s to the present are searchable by categories: agriculture, beaches, geology, and “views” (among many others). Prime material for landscape comparisons.

Until next year, Jersey.

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