Malta Freeport, from Pretty Bay.

Another very brief shout –

Embedded here is an abridged copy of the syllabus for this year’s version of The Global Ocean, the gateway module for Cardiff’s first-year students in Marine Geography. As with my second-year module (Marine & Coastal Resource Systems), you can dip into the readings we’ll be doing from week to week.

And like @marcoresys2016, we’ll be maintaining a Twitter feed to aggregate news and stories, breaking and old, on a broad spectrum of ocean topics. Three different students will curate the feed each week. If you’re interested, please follow along – you can find us at @globaloceanS16. We’re already well underway.

You might notice that works by Prof Phil Steinberg have a significant presence throughout the semester. I’m a fan. (Check out the topics in his Research pages.) To this reader, his writing offers the most holistic perspective – and most comprehensive articulation – of what marine geography is as a concept and sub-discipline. “Navigating toward multiple horizons: Toward a geography of ocean-space” (The Professional Geographer, 1999), is a great place to start, but I recommend his monograph The Social Construction of the Ocean (Cambridge University Press, 2001).


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