[Photo courtesy of NOAA.]

At the end of last October, Scott Armstrong & I got a ping from Carlos Waters, a journalist and multimedia producer with Vox.com.

He was working up a piece on beach nourishment. He’d come across our paper in Earth’s Future (Armstrong et al., 2016), in which we (et alia) show, using Florida as our exemplar, a large-scale pattern of intensified coastal development behind nourished beaches. Not only are there more shorefront houses in nourishment zones relative to non-nourished ones, but the houses in nourishment zones tend to be (much) larger.

Mr Waters asked if we would talk with him over Skype to discuss the article. Sure thing. Both Scott & I very much enjoyed our respective conversations. And then, a few short weeks later, we received an email from Mr Waters telling us the piece was live:

Along with the video was a brief explanatory deck on Vox.

Both the video & its deck are excellent – concise, precise, and clarifying. And what’s especially amazing is that the video has pulled over a million views since the beginning of December. (I don’t read the comments, because the Internet is bonkers.) Maybe I’m a Youtube rube, but that view-count strikes me as impressive for a video about beach erosion.

(By the way – check out this earlier Waters piece about nuisance flooding in New Jersey.)

Thank you, again, Mr Waters, for including us. Looking forward to your future projects.


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